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  Happy weekend,

Shopping down here is one of the favorite things for all of us to do, I think Our favorite thing is visiting with each other. Such a wonderful thing when you have over 9o women in the same room sharing what we love to.

Here are some pictures of Yoder Dept Store, it is kind of funny because people are actually finding things that they need and ordering from the store through the pictures.





good morning,

Today we had another wonderful day in Shipshewana, weather was just beautiful around 65 to 70°. The store that I will share with you today is called Lollys, I’ve been shopping at Lollys in Shipshewana for many years. When my children were little I used to go there and buy fabric and they would play around the corner at the toy store.  Lollys has many beautiful fabrics, kits, and one of my favorite things is their stacks of fat quarters.



And if you can’t find what you’re looking for upstairs, Lollys has a basement store and there is a boat full of fat quarters and many other bolts of fabric 



good morning,

 I am happy to say that all the patterns for Sampler Times Four  were mailed out before I headed down to Shipshewana for the week for a quilt retreat.


 I will be in Shipshewana for the entire week, it is such a great time with so many great friends. I will feature photos from three of my favorite shops this week, there are three wonderful shops that are a must in Shipshewana, yoder Dept Store, Lollys and Caroline’s cottage cottons, Caroline’s cottage cottage is in Rome Indiana but it’s definitely worth the drive. All three of these we go to multiple times during our stay here.

I love how when you’re at a retreat and someone will walk in the door was something that they found in the shop, half of the room leaves to go what they just bought.

So today, here are some pictures from Caroline’s cottage cotton quilt shop. Happy stitching, Rosemary 












 My newest pattern I called Sampler Times Four quilt, it is a really fun quilt to work on with easy blocks. Each quadrant of the quilt is the same so you make each block four times. I really enjoyed that part and the layout was inspired by the Compass Coverlet in the the Victoria and Albert Museum. Most of the blocks are 6 or 3 inches. Included in your pattern packet are all the paper patterns to make the quilt, also a CD that contains some pictures, diagrams and the blocks drawn into electric quilt that can be ran off if you would like to change the size or print the foundations. The electric quilt CD can be opened with electric quilt five, six or seven. I will post more pictures after the quilt is quilted. The finished size of the center is 48 in.² and the finished size of the quilt is 108 in.²

The price of the pattern and the bonus CD is $25, they can be ordered on the my website, Rosemaryyoungs.com

If you have any questions, email me anytime. Hope the sun is shining where you are today, it is here. 

Happy stitching,





Good evening, 

We have had a couple of Spring like days here, it has been a really cold winter, usually I get many things accomplished in the winter but for some reason this one seemed particularly busy. Working on things very leisurely I guess I would say. This year I am not doing any blocks of the month or of the week except I am working on the Barbara Brackman stars. We’re supposed to do a star week and I just try to pick one day a week as star day and work on a handful of stars. Sometimes I really miss the blocks of the month but I have really enjoyed not having any deadlines.

It is the first time I have worked with batik fabrics and I’m really enjoying it. I really have enjoyed using Edyta’s Snowbird collection. I just love how the fabrics go together and since the star block is my favorite block, I  just really am enjoying the process. 

Some of you have emailed me about when my next book is coming out, nothing planned here. I am possibly working on a couple patterns.  A book takes a lot of commitment and with 8 grandchildren, I would much rather spend time with them. I thought my children grew so fast, I cannot believe my oldest granddaughter is already 11 years old. 

I started on a project that I had planned on having done by spring with fabrics that I bought last year in Shipshewana. I was sidetracked by a couple of other things, Center is finished and  now I just have the borders to do, I was really tempted to put it away in the closet but instead I put it out on the ironing board until someday it will be finished.  I’m going to add a flying geese border and then an ice cream cone border. 

For those of you looking for a project to work on for spring, my Spring Fling pattern is on sale for $10. There are 30 8 inch blocks and  the quilt finishes 78 x 67. Each pattern comes with a CD that has a picture of the quilt and a close-up of each block.  

The pattern is available on the website at Rosemaryyoungs.com 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy the rest of your evening, I hope you’re finding time to work on a special project. Another post soon.

Happy stitching,

Smile box from Hawaii

Good evening,

Here is my smile box from photographs we took in Hawaii, it is rather long but if you want to think of beautiful weather instead of the snow, it is perfect.

Happy stitching,

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On our way home after spending a couple weeks in Hawaii, we had the chance to visit quite a few quilt shops. I learned a couple of years ago when we visited Alaska, the shops were full of novelty animal fabrics and batik fabrics, A lot different than we see in the shops in Michigan. The shops in Hawaii are full of such cute novelty Hawaiian fabrics and plenty of batik fabric.

The first shop we visited was called Kapaia stitchery, just such a great shop, loved the variety of fabrics, bought the postcard kit there. Shop owners were so nice.










The second shop we visited was called Vickys fabric, I also bought a kit there, was really surprised that one of the fabrics was designed just for the shop. Such friendly people.









Another store called fabric mart had fabric we would see as far as novelties go, it is really hard to control yourself when you see such beautiful fabrics and not bring home the whole store.










Sew special was the largest store we found, almost like shopping in Shipshewana.











Another really cute shop is called the Maui quilt shop, it is small but don’t let the size fool you, it is just chock full of wonderful things






On our way home and when I return I will do the smile box of our entire adventure.

Happy stitching,


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