Good evening dear friends,

Over the years I have been buying fabric and I have made patterns that were in kits but I really haven’t bought kits. Maybe it was because I wanted to pick out my own fabrics for a certain pattern instead of using the ones that they picked out, I’m not sure why, especially because picking out fabric is usually one of my hardest things when it comes to quiltmaking. Most people do not believe me when I tell them that, I have trouble with color, I do, I tend to pick fabrics  all in the same collection because I know in the end they should all go together.

But recently I began to think differently. I think one reason why I did not buy kits was because I foundation piece and  I figured there would never be enough fabric.  The Last couple of years I tried a few kits, I had plenty of fabric leftover even with foundation piecing. I thought those that put the kits together were very generous with their fabrics.

I bought the enduring legacy fabric, started on it, hoping to finish it in the fall, I did not buy the kit but after looking at all the fabric I did buy to make it, it probably would’ve been a much smarter idea to buy the kit. Not that I won’t use the extra fabric but I probably have enough to make two of them .lol 


I bought this kit in Hawaii and put it together, had plenty of leftovers, almost wish I had more leftovers. 


  So now if I really like a kit or a pattern , I would buy the kit, if I really like the fabric in the kit, I would buy extra fabrics to go with it. I have bought some other kits this year, looking forward to working on them.  

   One that I bought just last week was a Halloween kit, just love the fabric, could not resist getting the kit which was on sale at Hancocks Paducah.  The fabric collection is called Sew scary.  

Here is the free PDF file if you would like to see the pattern. http://www.qtfabric.com/media/uploads/2015/04/14/files/Sew_Scary_Quilt_B_2_C.pdf

And yes when I order the kit, I really liked one of the fabrics so I ordered extra of that particular fabric.  

Happy stitching,

Another finish

good afternoon,

The weather here is really warm, I think summer is here, I love when spring last a  little longer. It has been a busy spring, May always seems like such a busy month.

Had a quilt I started designing after return home from Shipshewana using some bright fabrics that I bought, I love to try using different fabrics but for some reason Civil War always works the best for me. I’m not sure if it is because I think they all go together or what it is.   

             It is only 77 in.² and that is a smaller size for me. I was going to put an ice cream border on it but it would’ve just made it to busy and I would’ve lost all the design.  Wishing you a great weekend. 

Happy stitching,  Rosemary

Also working with some stars and circles, I have no idea what I’m going to do or how big the quilt will finish, but that’s okay. It is my first project working with batiks and I have enjoyed it.  

 Slowly cutting out pieces for the flowering vine quilt, it will be put together with machine appliqué, definitely have a variety of techniques going right now

Dear friends, 

It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of May, so far this year I’ve only really finished one project, my Sampler Times Four quilt.  You might wonder what else I’m working on. Or is my ironing board empty? They are always quilts to bind, I think that is a typical quilter, always the last thing that I want to do even though I am so close to finishing it. I think there are nine or 10 in my pile  to bind. I am working on other projects, some more than others. I did promised myself that I could not put anything in the closet away like I did before, it might not be on the ironing board but it is out close to the ironing board. LOL

I am cutting away with my new electric cutter and I do have over 4000 squares cut for the antique quilt that I am reproducing.  It is so easy to start on one thing and then all of a sudden something else that we see we want to work on or start. I think that is a good thing.  I started designing this quilt at the beginning of the year, need to finish the flying geese border and an ice cream cone border, the center is completed. I think I started on the Sampler times Four quilt and this was just pushed to the side. Maybe this summer I will get it finished, I do love the bright colors.  Also working with some stars and circles, I have no idea what I’m going to do or how big the quilt will finish, but that’s okay. It is my first project working with batiks and I have enjoyed it.  Slowly cutting out pieces for the flowering vine quilt, it will be put together with machine appliqué, definitely have a variety of techniques going right now. I do have projects that I have not worked on in a while, Sophie’s garden and again I just love working with the Japanese fabrics.   Also started on Di Fords antique wedding sampler,  haven’t worked on that for at least a year. I hope to get back to it soon . I think it’s okay not to have a plan all the time, I really don’t miss the deadline for writing books right now and this year I did not do any blocks of the month and I don’t miss those deadlines either. I do miss sharing the pictures and talking about each other’s blocks and I will do blocks of the month maybe next year but it is just good not to have a project that has to be finished today. Maybe it will give me more time to figure out how to set my Lucy Boston blocks.  

No matter what you’re doing, just enjoy the process. 

Just an update on my fabric closet,  as most of you know I reorganized my sewing closet, I organized most of my fabric by color instead of collections.  I really love having it organized by color, it is so much easier to find something and some of the collection that I did not put by color, I will redo and put them by color. Plus I also have a shelf for fabrics that can be used for borders or lattice, another thing I have never done before. It makes it so much easier when I need to find a border and I never even realized I had this many large pieces of fabric in my closet.

   I guess even after 25 years of quilting, I am trying and learning new things and still enjoying every moment of the process. (except maybe binding)

Wishing you a great day today, Happy Quilting,


good morning, 

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and emails. So many of you have asked me about the Lucy Boston blocks and what I used to put the blocks together. 
First of all I used paper pieces.com to order my Lucy Boston pieces and templates. They do come in various sizes, I ordered the 1 inch honeycombs. 

They also have the white templates, I received the green ones from a friend and I really liked the green ones better because of openings on the inside to draw template lines. I also use the Marti Mitchell where you can Preview what your center looks like, I ordered it through the Joann fabrics.   

   Your closet is probably full of wonderful fabrics to use, I always liked to have one fabric in each block that would show some kind of movement and one that was calm or a smaller print.  Believe me you’re going to realize that one of the best parts of doing the blocks are auditioning the fabrics.        I used A glue stick, I tried all kinds and ended up using the purple Elmers glue stick. They all work about the same. Some of you might baste your ends under, that is wonderful too, part of the great thing about putting the blocks together is to find the way that you like doing yours best.   The last thing that I used was a little clip that was really helpful in holding my pieces together when I whipstitched them.   I also learned that everyone puts them together in a different order, I started with the four center ones and then worked out from there. There are many different ways to put the blocks together and none of them are right or wrong, just find the way that you like. 

Any other questions, just drop me an  email.


Happy stitching,

It is so nice to have the spring weather upon us, I love when the temperatures are about 65°, just perfect I think.

I am just having a blast in my sewing room, recently I purchased an accuquilt Electric cutter for my fabrics. I am just amazed at how great it works, in the past I’ve always had to cut out my pieces with electric scissors ( because of the MS I can’t Rotary cut, not complaining just explaining), The machine cuts fabrics fast and so efficient. It is sitting on my ironing board and I am working on a project where I need over 4000 squares. I just put on those dies and through the machine they run and on the other end is my squares.

To me it is amazing, in order for me to do a nine patch I would have to cut out all the pieces with the electric scissors and then foundation piece it  together, now I can just cut out those squares and piece A simple nine patch together without foundations. It’s like a whole new thing to me, not that I won’t be foundation piecing the future because I absolutely love it but it certainly will make things easier.. I’m not associated with the company at all but I just had to tell you how much I like the product.

  I just finished my Lucy Boston blocks, originally I wanted to do 12 but I changed my mind to do 17 and I will Appliqué  them on backgrounds and then set them in some kind of a medallion setting.  Such a fun process, so much fun picking out the fabrics.
The squares I am cutting out are going to be for a antique quilt I am reproducing.  I’m slowly progressing on my Sophie’s garden and I making stars and circles for another quilt. There is always something to work on, I just love that. Something always inspires me, I love to spend the day in my sewing room no matter what I’m working on, it just makes me smile. 

Wishing you a wonderful day today, enjoy the spring weather.
Happy stitching,

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sorry friends, I think the email sent the first time without the smile box link to the Jane  Stickle Shipshewana retreat. Here it is.



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