Just laughing

Remember how I needed to cut out 4000 squares for Rebecca’s quilt. Well at the time I just kept cutting with my machine, I guess I’m not very good at guessing how many squares I cut, I was thinking I had around 4000.

So now I have all my blocks and pieces put together for another quilt, it will have over 2000 of those leftover squares.  


I am just laughing because I feel like it is the never ending square containers, I still have a couple thousand left.  Well while I put together my second quilt using the squares, I will think what I’m going to do with the leftover squares in my containers. Hoping to post pictures of the second quilt soon. Have a great weekend,

Happy stitching,

Well what else am I working on, again I have a lot more projects going then I probably should have. Sometimes it is hard to make choices of what I want to work on when I have so many projects to choose from. I don’t know why, there is always that feeling that I want to start something new.

For those of you that want to know how much I like my new electric accrucutter, it was so great to have it to work on Rebecca’s quilt. It was so easy to cut out squares, especially since I need 4000 squares. You know you start cutting and you just don’t realize how many squares you are cutting because it goes so fast, I have plenty of squares left.  

I probably have another 4000 squares, using them to put together 16 patches, not sure what I will be doing with them yet.  

I recently started on the Temecula summer blocks of the week, i’m actually using a solid white background, since I’ve used shirtings for so long, it’s been a fun process. I drew the blocks up in  electric quilt, making mine 8 inches instead of four. I also am doing the blocks exactly like the original antique quilt, if you need a copy of the electric quilt file, just drop me an email.  

I also started on road 66 , enjoying the process of making the hexagons, definitely something new for me.

I’m slowly cutting out pieces for the flowering vine quilt, using Kaffee fabrics,  still working on my circle and stars project, I have my Sophie’s garden waiting for me, the antique wedding sampler and my Lucy Boston blocks to name a few . As I look at my list, I’m thinking I also want to start something new. LOL

Another thing which I posted about earlier was about switching my closet and after almost 30 years I arranged most of my fabrics by color instead of by collection. I realize now it is one of the best things I have ever done and it is so much easier to work on projects when I can pull the stack of colors out instead of searching through my entire closet.

I will let you know which one of my projects I finish first. Have a great day today. Thank you all so much for your emails and comments on Rebecca’s quilt.

Happy quilting,

One of my favorite places to visit and stay is Shipshewana Indiana. It is like a second home to me, a place where I always feel the peace and love of the community. 

On my last trip to Shipshewana this past April I visited Rebecca at Rebecca Haarer Arts and Antiques shop. Her shop is not only filled with wonderful antiques but many, many beautiful quilts. As we walked to where all the Quilts were stored, there was a beautiful nine patch quilt that was surrounded by smaller squares hanging on the wall. The quilt was started in the 1890s and thought to be finished in the 1920s. It was meticulously hand pieced together, just amazing especially because there’s over 4000 squares in the quilt. I knew that I wanted to bring the quilt home. Rebecca talked about the quilt being finished many years later and that may be the person that finished it wanted to make the quilt larger. For those of you that know me, that is the first thing I do when I look at a quilt is to figure out how I can make it king-sized. I am not sure why I do that but I knew at that moment that there was no doubt that I had to take the quilt with me.

   It was made in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. It has over 4000 squares, consisting of starting with nine patches in the center that are 3 inches and working to the outside where the pieces are 1 1/2 inches. It was one of the most awesome experiences bringing that quilt home and reproducing it. I have reproduce plenty of historical quilts, most of the time I’m looking at photographs but to actually have the quilt in my sewing room where I could study it and assemble it together exactly like the quilter did was just unbelievable to me.  

I thought of the quilter through the entire process and I wondered so much about what she thought, what her stash was like, what age did she make the quilt at, so many things I wanted to know the answers to but the information was not available. Even the name of the quilter I did not have. I named the quilt, Rebecca’s quilt because it was Rebecca who inspired me that day in her shop. 

 The quilt finishes 102 x 111″. It was a little bit larger than the original so that the pieces would be easy measurements to work with . I love the finished design this quilt makes, The quilter just wasn’t placing squares wherever, she had a plan. I cannot wait to find another wonderful antique quilt like this to reproduce.

If you would like to make Rebecca’s quilt, The pattern can be ordered for $12 . Click here :

 The CD will contain at least a dozen photos, EQ file and diagram, block templates, and directions for assembling the quilt. 

Hope you have a wonderful day and find a little bit of time to work on a special project.
Happy stitching,


Dear friends,

Just returned from spending two weeks in Alaska, the first week was spent on a land tour and the second week we spent on a cruise. Temperatures were hot, in the 80s on the land tour but it was cooler on the cruise. Most days were 70 and sunny.

I did make it to a couple of quilt shops, it was kind of perfect, it was like the fabric fit Alaska. Definitely batiks in and animal fabrics. The particular shop I’m Sharing a couple of photos from him was called Quilt Alaska and is in Skagway, every port has their own shop and they’re all wonderful   


The scenery was beautiful everywhere you looked.


One of my favorite stops was where we went gold mining, they used sewing machines in their shop as part of their decorations. I loved it.


Spending the day unpacking, can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine this week. More later, 

Happy stitching, Rosemary 

Good evening dear friends,

Over the years I have been buying fabric and I have made patterns that were in kits but I really haven’t bought kits. Maybe it was because I wanted to pick out my own fabrics for a certain pattern instead of using the ones that they picked out, I’m not sure why, especially because picking out fabric is usually one of my hardest things when it comes to quiltmaking. Most people do not believe me when I tell them that, I have trouble with color, I do, I tend to pick fabrics  all in the same collection because I know in the end they should all go together.

But recently I began to think differently. I think one reason why I did not buy kits was because I foundation piece and  I figured there would never be enough fabric.  The Last couple of years I tried a few kits, I had plenty of fabric leftover even with foundation piecing. I thought those that put the kits together were very generous with their fabrics.

I bought the enduring legacy fabric, started on it, hoping to finish it in the fall, I did not buy the kit but after looking at all the fabric I did buy to make it, it probably would’ve been a much smarter idea to buy the kit. Not that I won’t use the extra fabric but I probably have enough to make two of them .lol 


I bought this kit in Hawaii and put it together, had plenty of leftovers, almost wish I had more leftovers. 


  So now if I really like a kit or a pattern , I would buy the kit, if I really like the fabric in the kit, I would buy extra fabrics to go with it. I have bought some other kits this year, looking forward to working on them.  

   One that I bought just last week was a Halloween kit, just love the fabric, could not resist getting the kit which was on sale at Hancocks Paducah.  The fabric collection is called Sew scary.  

Here is the free PDF file if you would like to see the pattern. http://www.qtfabric.com/media/uploads/2015/04/14/files/Sew_Scary_Quilt_B_2_C.pdf

And yes when I order the kit, I really liked one of the fabrics so I ordered extra of that particular fabric.  

Happy stitching,

Another finish

good afternoon,

The weather here is really warm, I think summer is here, I love when spring last a  little longer. It has been a busy spring, May always seems like such a busy month.

Had a quilt I started designing after return home from Shipshewana using some bright fabrics that I bought, I love to try using different fabrics but for some reason Civil War always works the best for me. I’m not sure if it is because I think they all go together or what it is.   

             It is only 77 in.² and that is a smaller size for me. I was going to put an ice cream border on it but it would’ve just made it to busy and I would’ve lost all the design.  Wishing you a great weekend. 

Happy stitching,  Rosemary

Also working with some stars and circles, I have no idea what I’m going to do or how big the quilt will finish, but that’s okay. It is my first project working with batiks and I have enjoyed it.  

 Slowly cutting out pieces for the flowering vine quilt, it will be put together with machine appliqué, definitely have a variety of techniques going right now


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