Dear friends, sorry the post went off before it was finished.
 I am amazed at how many scraps you can fit in a box and my friend in New York will have so much fun with them. Fun to share especially since I have so many scraps   So I decided to separate the rest of the scraps, I kept one box full of just strips, just so much ironing again.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I saved strips of various lengths and widths, I have so many strips, I would imagine there is enough for a couple of good size quilts.  I cut approximately 1500 squares that are 2 1/2 inches. 

 My guess is there are about 5000  1 1/2 inch squares.   

 There also 2000  3 1/2 inch tumblers, I for one cannot wait to put those together 

 Plus there are so many triangles, squares and others odd shaped scraps , My guess is the box holds at least over 10,000. 😊


So now all of my scraps are organized and they’re going to be all kept in these little drawers in this little storage unit I bought at Joann fabrics. Not sure what project I will start with them but even though it was a lot of work it was worth it and I will realize that more when I begin my next project using them.   

 Enjoy your weekend.

Happy quilting, 


Dear friends,
I wrote at the beginning of the week about the bag of scraps, at the time I had no idea how much of a task and how much ironing would be involved. Well the bag is empty so where did all the scraps go. 
I picked up one pile no more rhyme or reason to what is in that pile and shipped it off to New York to a friend that loves scraps 

Good morning dear friends,
Some of you might be wondering if I’m finished with my bag of scraps, that certainly is a much harder job than I ever assumed it would be. What a tangled mess I am running into, the ironing is what takes so long.  We have a fabric store near our home that is called Fields fabrics, they carry a variety of fabrics along with 100% cotton fabrics for quilting. Once a year they have this large tent sale and fabric is 2.00 to 2.99 a yard. It is the perfect time to look for fabrics for backings for quilts or even children’s pillowcase fabrics.
 Definitely a lot of awesome deals, just takes a little while to look through the mounds of fabric and did I buy any? Of course. I usually buy 9 yards or 5 yards for backing. Here are the fabric that I bought, you might be wondering why I chose some of them but someday will see them on back of the quilt or made into pillowcases. As far as the McDonald’s fabrics goes,  I was a manager at McDonald’s when I was only 18 years old, my children loved it and now my grandchildren do, not 100% sure what I will do with it but I couldn’t leave it there either. 

  Back to the cutting of the scraps, Rosemary

Dear friends,

I’m sure that most of us have a scrap bag, I was looking at mine and I thought I need to do something. I have been saving scraps and some of my scraps are really large into a large garbage bag for quite a while. I don’t even want to guess how much the bag actually weighs.    

  I could not even believe the assortment of fabrics in the bag, so many past projects came to mind as I went through the bag . I’m not sure what I will end up doing with the scraps but I have a feeling that I will not be storing them like this and I will try to be more organized. Right now I’m cutting the scraps up into various sizes and then I will decide what quilts to make. I have no idea how many squares or tumblers or strips I will get from the bag but I have a feeling it is going to take a while to get through the entire bag.

I decided I’m going to cut 3 inch tumblers  2 inch squares 

  2 1/2 inch squares  

 Ironing all my strips which I think will help in the long run. 

  Saving smaller triangles and little pieces that I don’t feel fit into these categories  

I will post more pictures when I get through the bag. I think this is going to be an adventure I’m going to enjoy.

Happy quilting, Rosemary

Dear friends,

A couple of times a year I like to gather, I like to gather all the tops that need to be quilted and I like to gather all the quilts  that need binding. Of course for those of you that know me well, I always put the binding off. I have never figured out why I do that, I guess I don’t like to put binding on. So that means that all the Quilts that need binding have to go on the ironing board until I finish them completely. Well there are about 10 quilts on there right now. I had to laugh yesterday when my husband walked past my sewing room, he said you know what an ironing board is to hold a couple pairs of pants or a shirt, he said  I don’t think it’s going to hold everything you have on it. It just made me chuckle.  

Since the picture I have taken one quilt off so now I think there are nine.  

Hoping to work on another one today.  I’m really anxious to start a new project, not sure exactly what I want to do, have a lot of ideas floating around in my head but I will let you know soon what I choose.

Not much gets done in the summer here except doing a lot of fun things with the grandchildren. I hope that you are taking some time to just enjoy the time to just sit and stitch.

Happy stitching,  Rosemary

Good afternoonHappy Fourth of July to all, beautiful sunshiny day here, no rain in sight. Perfect day for a picnic in the park or at the beach. I am hoping to spend some some time later in my sewing room after grilling today. 
So what did I do with those squares, remember originally I had to cut 4000 squares, I still have no idea how many I originally cut, I’m thinking somewhere around 8000. 

Well I took over 2000 of the squares along with one of my favorite fabrics,  A cheddar solid and made a new pattern.  I called it cheesy squares


 This wonderful scrap quilt was inspired simply by squares, pick your favorite  accent color, (as you can see I love cheddar) add a bunch of squares, a bunch meaning over 2000 and put together this charming scrap quilt. It measures 102 in.Β² and I just love the secondary design it forms. The pattern can be ordered and will be sent as a CD for $12 plus shipping. It can also be sent as an e-mail attachment. The CD will contain photos, EQ file and diagram, block templates, and directions for assembling the quilt.  EQ is on the CD but it is not necessary to use to make the quilt. If you would like to order the pattern, you can order it here.  


Enjoy your day today no matter what you do.

Happy stitching and happy Fourth of July,

Just laughing

Remember how I needed to cut out 4000 squares for Rebecca’s quilt. Well at the time I just kept cutting with my machine, I guess I’m not very good at guessing how many squares I cut, I was thinking I had around 4000.

So now I have all my blocks and pieces put together for another quilt, it will have over 2000 of those leftover squares.  


I am just laughing because I feel like it is the never ending square containers, I still have a couple thousand left.  Well while I put together my second quilt using the squares, I will think what I’m going to do with the leftover squares in my containers. Hoping to post pictures of the second quilt soon. Have a great weekend,

Happy stitching,


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