Dear friends,

I have to tell you about my wonderful week last week. I went to Mackinac Island and stayed at the Grand Hotel for a week.

To be able to take quilt classes while you are there, was such a gift. I took four days, two classes with Jen Kingwell learning how to handpiece blocks together using acrylic templates. I loved it. The rooms that our classes were held in were just beautiful.

I also took a one-day class with Becky goldsmith on learning how to foundation piece curves. So much fun and I can’t wait to make the quilt because it certainly is going to use up a lot of scraps.

It was absolutely a wonderful week and even though we were on an island, vendors came to the retreat and I found plenty of beautiful things to bring home with me.And yes even though it doesn’t look like it, I am still downsizing. 😊😊

Next week the topic with downsizing will be books.

Happy stitching, Rosemary


Smile box

I sent a smile box in the last post, it actually is a little white clear box at the top of the page that you just have to click on. I am not sure why it appears like that when I posted the link. If you’re having any trouble let me know

Good afternoon,

The smile box is finished, I hope you enjoy the show And tell and other things that are on the smile box. It was a great retreat and a great time in Shipshewana as always.

I know that some of you were wondering especially since I’ve been downsizing if I bought a lot of things. I did buy some shirtings and that actually was the first fabric I have purchased this year. It is for a new challenge so it wasn’t just to add to my stash

Hope you enjoy the smile box and more downsizing next week. I’m thrilled I am almost finished with downsizing. I am not missing anything that is no longer here.

Have a great week,


Dear friends,

I just returned from Shipshewana and will be working on a smile box of show and tell and shopping.

I thought I would enclose a special event that took place in Shipshewana. Some of us quilters were reproducing the quilt below that is hanging in a church cabin in Shipshewana. It was a quilt that was made about 1900, we didn’t know the size of it so we all interpret what we thought from a photograph. It was so much fun to be able to visit the original quilt and have a picture taken with it.

We had so much fun reproducing the quilt,

This was so much fun, and I recommend it for any quilting group or just a group of friends. Stay tuned for more Shipshewana news and downsizing.

Happy stitching,


Good evening,

I cannot believe how well the organization has gone in the sewing room. Downsizing has helped tremendously. There are a couple things yet that I have to talk about and go through but it is really coming together. I feel I have a lot more room in my closet and all the things that were cluttering the room are almost gone.

The last week or so I have been trying to organize fabrics. With most items that I have downsized so far, I have given away or sold the extra items, but the thought of parting with fabrics does not appeal to me. I guess for a couple of reasons, one is I really like my stash and the second the price of fabric keeps rising.

My fabric is all stored in Ikea units. It is organized by color, it took me 20 years of quilting to want to organize it by colors instead of by fabric collections.

Fabric that was stored in cubby holes or in the basement has all been sorted and is all in the sewing room now. These fabrics for instance that were in bags below are no longer there and I can actually open up both closet doors 😂😂I am really trying to challenge myself to use up my stash, so far I have not bought even a fat quarter of fabric this year. Hard to believe I have made it three months, I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long. The real test will be at Shipshewana in another week. Below is a picture of three projects I have packed for Shipshewana. I will make sure to post plenty of pictures in a smile, box when I return.

More organization soon, the next subject will be books.

Take care and I hope you find some time to work on a special project.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter,


Dear friends,

I cannot believe how fast I have accomplished most of my organization and downsizing. So happy to be sharing the clutter in my room with so many. This week I chose to work on my quilt room closet.It’s been in disarray, it contains projects and some odds and ends, it was time to take everything out and reorganize.There’s plenty of Snap ware in my closet that contains projects that I have forgotten about over the years. This project has been in my closet the longest, I am not sure why I haven’t finished this quilt, Matter of fact there are enough blocks in the box to probably make two or three of them. The next box is filled with baby quilts, all of them are already cut, seems like it would just be really simple to put them together but I bet that box has been in the closet for at least 10 years. These two boxes are full of tumblers, I love tumblers, you don’t have to think when you put them together. They are a perfect project for going on a retreat. There are definitely enough tumblers to make two full-sized quilts.The next box contains squares that were cut quite a while back, the Fabrics are from the Michigan State Museum collection. I decided ever pull that box and leave that out this week and start putting those together. So far I have turned them into some beautiful 16 patches. I am thankful that I don’t have many projects that I haven’t finished over the years. Most of the projects I have completed along the way, not even sure why these boxes were passed over. It was fun to revisit the closet, and hopefully over the next couple years I will finish the boxes that need to be completed.

Now the closet is re-organized, not everything was put back in the closet, somethings will be downsized as there is no need for them. I’m glad that I have inspired some of you to do the same, it is good to know that many of my things that I am not using or I don’t plan to use in the future are going to good homes.Today is national quilting day, and I hope that you find time to work on a special project. Here are a couple photos from this past week, I finished the first Forest Park friendAnd I finished another birds of liberty block. I am loving how these blocks are coming together.

So maybe perhaps you have not looked in your closet lately, maybe one of your celebrations for national quilting day today will be to do so. You might be amazed at what you find.

Happy national quilting day,


Good morning,

We have had a really easy February here, definitely not much snow and warmer temperatures. Spring is definitely around the corner.

Organization continues at our house, continuing to have fun every week as I pick something to re-organize and downsize. So far we have gone through

Quilt kits




Cutting tools





It has made a big difference, even choosing a small item in your sewing room can make a difference. Today we are choosing bags, how many of us go to a quilt show and we come home with a new bag, before we know what, our collection has grown. Seriously, how many bags do I need. Here are just some of my bags.

I have a favorite bag, I love it because it is so large and it is fun to travel with. Definitely comes in really handy.

Some bags are just very colorful and will be harder to part with but then again do we need all these bags. No, I am going to pick and choose and take my bag collection down to three or four. Again it will make more Space in my sewing room.

Somethings I have sold on eBay or in a Facebook group and somethings I have just given away. It’s funny, I probably have made over a thousand dollars getting rid of things that are just taking up space that I’m never going to use.

I am continuing to work on the Di ford sampler blocks, total is now up to six. Each one is like a separate adventure.

I added to my embroidery projects the Park forest friends, such darling little embroideries. 10 different patterns, the little grandchildren will love them.

And I can’t even tell you how much I am loving English paper piecing with the hexagons and pentagons, everyone of them seems to be a different adventure with picking out fabrics. I think I could make them forever

I also ran across a book when the cold wind blows, One of the quilts in the book has blocks that are 28 inches, I immediately started that new project.. just in the process of drawing out the patterns, but it certainly is going to be another wonderful adventure. It is fun to have so many projects that inspire me, it is hard to choose every day which one I want to work on.

Until next week, wishing you some time to find something special to stitch. Happy stitching,