I don’t have too many antique quilts that I have purchased in my collection but I bought this beautiful quilt at an estate sale this week . It is in beautiful condition, I don’t think it has ever been washed. It’s a 1930s Nancy Page alphabet quilt. I have had the patterns from the 1930s newspapers for quite a long time thinking that I would make one some day and now I don’t have to.The quilters work is just beautiful, I could not get any information on the quilter not even her name, I think she made it and put it away in a drawer and never used it. 

I love the alphabet quilt because when Nancy Page designed the quilt in the 1930s she wanted it to only have 24 blocks, she didn’t want an uneven number of blocks. When she was putting the blocks together she talked it over with her group and they decided to only use the Y. She said let the Y stand for the word you and that can represent the person that you’re giving it to. As you will see on the quilt, the quilter follow the instructions exactly. Some quilters actually embroidered the letters X Y and Z on the last block and that is probably what I would’ve done or maybe I would have designed a special block for the letters X and Z. I think the quilt would be excellent for teaching children the alphabet so I don’t think I could have forgotten the important letters of X and Z. 

I love the old newspaper series of the 1930s and Nancy Page was definitely my favorite designer from that period. Have a great evening and happy quilting 


Dear friends,

Sometimes when I come home from Shipshewana, I am just so inspired with so many different things. This time that was especially true, so many projects to start and so many that I am working on already. I thought I would share those with you this morning.  I’m definitely having fun working on the 4 x 5 anthology blocks, at first when I looked at the cover I thought the blocks were all easy , Some are and some aren’t which makes the project fun.  I’m doing the blocks in order as the quilt, otherwise it is so tempting for me to pick up the easy ones and finish those first. Working on simple four patches, definitely will be scrappy and king sized, have over 600 four patches to make. It’s always fun to have a simple project that you can just pull out and work on even if it’s for only five minutes between other things,I bought the birds of liberty and the coordinating fabric from Shipshewana, can’t wait to get started on that project, as you can see I have at least three embroidery projects in progress so I want to finish up a couple of those first. I love Di Ford fabric and there is a beautiful quilt in this book that I want to use it on, The quilt is called Sunnyside, it’s just there’s never enough time in the day to do all the projects I want to.Just finished cutting two  of the fancy fox twin size quilt,  definitely will be a fun project to work on and another one that is already there to piece anytime I want to.

Working on the Moda block of the week, this year it was the only one that I chose to do to avoid trying to accomplish so many things at once. I’m using lakeside gatherings and I just love the fabrics .Choosing fabrics also for the Emily Monroe quilt, it will be a long-term project but another one and I can’t wait to start.So I definitely have plenty of projects and I am so motivated.

I also am looking for this fabric, if anyone has it in their stash and would like to part with it, please let me know.And last but not least, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. My husband and I went up north for the weekend and return home to celebrate Mother’s Day and three birthdays. We tried to get eight of the nine grandchildren to standstill for two minutes for a picture, I would say almost impossible. 😀😀😀😀😀Enjoy your week, hope you find plenty of time to work on your projects. Happy quilting, Rosemary

Sorry, I’m not sure why it came through like it did. Here is the link to click on.
The show and tell was just amazing, the smile box starts out with some photos of Shipshewana goes into our gathering at Elaine Jones Amish home with her beautiful quilts and then show and tell starts on slide 50. Enjoy.

Happy Quilting, Rosemary

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The show and tell was just amazing, the smile box starts out with some photos of Shipshewana goes into our gathering at Elaine Jones Amish home with her beautiful quilts and then show and tell starts on slide 50. Enjoy.

Happy  Quilting, Rosemary

I definitely came home with so many ideas from the retreat, I cannot wait to use some of my new fabrics. Posting smile box next. Wishing you all a great day today

One of my favorite shops near Shipshewana is called Caroline’s Cottage Cottons, such a charming shop with great service. Beautiful reproduction fabrics and you walk out of there with so many new ideas and if you spend a certain amount of money on  fabric, you will receive a beautiful crown .

Pumpkinvine is another shop that is located in Shipshewana, just a charming shop with plenty of ideas and beautiful fabrics.

Gohns is a  shop a couple of miles from Shipshewana located in Middleberry. The store  is where the Amish  go to buy  clothing or purchase fabric to make  clothing.

I don’t think there are too many fabrics that you cannot find in Shipshewana, Indiana or the surrounding area. Happy stitching,

Shipshewana Indiana has two main quilt shops with other various small ones throughout the community. Yoder Dept Store which also has the most wonderful shoes and Lollys quilt shop located in the Davis Mercantile. It is not unusual for us to visit the shops almost every day of the retreat. So if you’re ready for a tour, we will start with Yoder Dept Store.

The second large shop is Lollys quilt shop. Look for more post tomorrow. Hope you find some time today to work on a special project. Happy stitching,  Rosemary