More next time, Happy Quilting, Rosemary

 Good afternoon,
I spent the last week in Shipshewana working out plenty of projects. I think I actually spent more time sewing than I did shopping this time. Sometimes it can be the opposite.  I have enclosed a smile box of our show and tell. It starts out with some pictures of the pretzel shop and Rebecca Harrers antique shop. Here is the link.


Everything was wonderful, I added to my tumblers and I now have 7260 tumblers together. 

I worked on my splendid sampler,

I also worked with some fabrics that I picked up in Alaska and Hawaii, it is sometimes fun just to sew simple squares together and enjoy the conversation around me. 


Had a great time with great friends, also such a blessing that my daughter goes with me. She loves it just as much as I do. Cara happy quilting,

Rosemary had a great time with great friends, also such a blessing that my daughter goes with me. She loves it just as much as I do.

 Happy quilting,

BAQS retreat.


 We had a great five days of fun. The theme was Madri Gras, cant wait to go again. Looking forward to going to the Jane stickle retreat next month in Shipshewana. 

Happy stitching, Rosemary

Dear friends,I hope that you are all well and finding plenty of time to stitch. I have been busy working on a number of projects. I am about halfway finished with my newest project I have been working on, can’t wait to share that with you when it is finished.

I am working on the splendid sampler blocks, having a blast with it.   

 I am also working on Circa 2016.  
I now have 6000 tumblers added to my quilt and I have cut out over 10,000 more that are little bit larger for a future one.  
 I finished my Di Ford pillar quilt.    

 I started working on enduring legacy.  

Working slowly on the sweet surrender blocks.  Finished a baby quilt.   

 So that kind of catches you up with my projects, except for the new pattern which I’m about halfway finished with. The new pattern will have some appliqué, I’m really excited about it.

I am sorry I am so slow at posting. Just returned from a retreat and you can see photos from that in the next post. Happy stitching,



February sale, buy two quilt books CDs get one free. The sale runs till the end of February, choose any two quilt CD’s from the following:The Amish Circle Quilt Book CD
The Civil War Diary Quilt Book CD

The Civil War Love Letter Quilt Book CD

The Civil War Anniversary Quilt Book CD

Quilts from the American Homefront Book CD

The Quilt Block Bible CD.

When you send in your order or pay with PayPal, just state which CD you would like for free. CDs can be ordered as a digital download if you would like and no postage is needed. They will open right up into your electric quilt program.

If you would rather have the CDs arrive snail mail, Postage to mail CDs is $5.70 priority postage, up to 12 CDs will fit in one envelope The CDs are compatible with electric quilt five, six, or seven.

Let me know if you have any questions, 

Happy Quilting,

Dear friend,

I am happy to report that I’m halfway finished with my tumblers. I now have 5000 tumblers added to my quilt. My goal is 10,000, I am enjoying adding 1000 tumblers a month, it reminds me somewhat of a block of the month and I don’t ever get tired of it.

 Sweet surrender blocks are also coming along very nicely.  I am having so much fun working on them and sharing the progress with other quilters. We are all using different fabrics and is amazing how different all the blocks look..  

 Also having fun working on my hexagon scrappy blocks. Hoping to make a dent in my scraps. 
   Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend, hope you take some time to just relax and do a little bit of stitching.
Happy quilting,

Dear friends,
 Do you do any blocks of the week or month? Some years I have done more than others, I really love working on them because I love working with friends and comparing the fabrics and the colors that we choose to do our blocks.

This year so far I i’m working on a couple projects with friends. One of them is sweet surrender, there are about 20 of us working on the same quilt and it is amazing to me the different fabrics that we choose. Every single one is beautiful. To me quilting is sharing and so much fun to share our projects with each other.

Another project I am working on is called Temecula Circa 2016. Started last week Friday and every Friday they post blocks to do, I am finding it a fun project to work out of my scrap bag.  http://temeculaquiltco.blogspot.com/  

Barbara Brackman is also starting another block of the month called westering women.


Another project I am going to check out that’s going to start on February 14 is called splendid sampler. 


I don’t think it matters what you choose, working on the blocks with friends is just awesome. 

Last minute reminder, 30 little Baltimore blocks and Spring fling are available throughout this weekend for only for $10. Remember patterns are available as a digital email so no postage is necessary. 

 Happy quilting , 



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