Dear friends,
 Do you do any blocks of the week or month? Some years I have done more than others, I really love working on them because I love working with friends and comparing the fabrics and the colors that we choose to do our blocks.

This year so far I i’m working on a couple projects with friends. One of them is sweet surrender, there are about 20 of us working on the same quilt and it is amazing to me the different fabrics that we choose. Every single one is beautiful. To me quilting is sharing and so much fun to share our projects with each other.

Another project I am working on is called Temecula Circa 2016. Started last week Friday and every Friday they post blocks to do, I am finding it a fun project to work out of my scrap bag.  http://temeculaquiltco.blogspot.com/  

Barbara Brackman is also starting another block of the month called westering women.


Another project I am going to check out that’s going to start on February 14 is called splendid sampler. 


I don’t think it matters what you choose, working on the blocks with friends is just awesome. 

Last minute reminder, 30 little Baltimore blocks and Spring fling are available throughout this weekend for only for $10. Remember patterns are available as a digital email so no postage is necessary. 

 Happy quilting , 


Are you looking for a wonderful and fun project to use all your scraps in, if you are, you might want to continue reading.   
 Last week I was looking at one of the vintage quilt lists and I ran across an antique quilt that belongs to Julie Silber. She is a collector of antique quilts and has a business called Julie Silber Quilts. The quilt that I saw contains large hexagons that were made of three 60° diamonds. I thought what a wonderful way to use up scraps so I went to the fabric store and found a 60° diamond ruler, used a half off coupon and paid $3.50. I’m sure that most of you have some type of 60° ruler in your ruler collection, also fine to use a plastic template.    
 Found an old phone book and started tracing the diamonds and used that as my foundations.    Just started laying the pieces right sides together until I covered the entire diamond.  


   One nice thing about the ruler is it also gives you the seam allowance which made it really easy to join the diamonds to make the hexagons.  You can draw on the actual  sewing lines to follow . You need to make three diamonds for each hexagon. 
 Mark the seam allowance line on each diamond.  

 Join the three diamonds together as in the following diagrams.
 Going to be one of the projects that I work on throughout this year, if you have a lot of scraps and want to have some fun, feel free to join me.  If you have any questions, just let me know. 

Thank you Julie Silber for letting me share this block..  

Happy Quilting, 


Dear friends,,

I have had many requests for the vintage newspapers series, patterns are free and they are on the website on the free pattern page. I will try to continue to download different sets every month. 

Today I posted French Bouquet, Grandmothers garden, Magic Vine and Santas parade. All you have to do is go to the site and run off the patterns. 


If you have any questions, email me anytime. Ryquilter1@msn.com

Starting plenty of new projects, One of them, sweet surrender I am working on with a group of my friends from Shipshewana. First block completed.

Achieved my monthly goal to add another 1000 tumblers to my quilt , it now has 4000 pieces and measures 46 x 108. Almost halfway to my goal of 10,000 tumblers. 

 Also working on designing some new blocks for a new project. Will post pictures soon. 

Happy Quilting, Rosemary

Spring Fling and Little Baltimore Blocks are on sale this month for only $10 each plus postage.Spring fling which measures 78 x 67 has 30 8 inch blocks. They are really simple floral, fruits, bug designs and things that would make you think of spring and not snow right now. The pattern comes with a CD, on the CD is a close up of every block. 

 Little Baltimore blocks are six-inch blocks that can be used in your quilt, there are 30 different designs. Baltimore wreaths, floral baskets or vases, 30 different appliqué designs to use. 

 Each pattern will be $10 until January 31.

Have a wonderful day stitching,


I love January, I don’t necessarily love all the snowstorms but I love the fact that it’s a good month to stay inside and do some stitching. I started a couple new projects but I was having such a hard time finding what I needed. I realized it was time to pull out all the fabrics in my closet and do some rearranging. The pictures are the fabric I pulled from the closet, fitting it back in was another story. Lol   

I came up with a great idea since over 90% of my fabric is just mostly Civil War reproductions to just put those back in my closet and the other fabrics elsewhere. I had so many Civil War fabrics even they did not fit back in, made a couple shelves of just the backgrounds…

 It is going to be really excited to have the fabrics organized again, will make working on projects a lot easier. Will post pictures soon up what I’m working on. Happy winter, Rosemary

Almost January

Dear friends,
I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas yesterday. It was wonderful here, the only thing that didn’t happen was there was no snowI am waiting for January, it seems like that is one of the best months to be in the sewing room and I heard by then it will be snowing. It is been a busy month between vacation and celebrating the holidays but I did add another thousand tumblers to my quilt.   

 I also finished binding 3 quilts, 
One more week of the $10.00 Book sale, I hope all of those that wanted them before Christmas received them on time.

                   $10 Book sale through December 31. 

The Civil War Anniversary Quilt Book, 150 blocks to commemorate 150 years of the Civil War and the Quilts from the American Homefront 121 quilt blocks inspired for letters from World War II have both been officially retired by the publisher.

Currently these books list for $27.99 but will be on a sale for only $10.00 a book. Two books will fit in a priority mail envelope to save on postage. Priority mail postage is usually 2 to 3 day delivery and is $5.75 an envelope. Global priority Mail postage is $23 .95. This is your chance if you do not have these books in your collection and to get them at a very low rate. Electric quilt CDs are also available at a cost of $5.00. This offer only applies to these two books. I also will be more than happy to autograph the book and ship them to your friends for Christmas for you.

Books can be ordered through the website and paid with PayPal,check or money order. The sale will run until midnight on December 31. If you would like to check out the sale, please check out my website rosemaryyoungs.com

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, 

Dear friends,I hope that you all are finding some time to stitch during this busy season. We just returned from spending two weeks at Disney World, it was a wonderful vacation but definitely put me behind with Christmas preparations.  

There really hasn’t been any time the last month to do any stitching but January is around the corner, and I am so looking forward to it. I love really getting into new projects after the holidays. I really would love to do some new designing , not sure what but something using  Civil War fabrics. I do know I do not want to write another book right now. I also am only going to do one block of the month next year and that is sweet surrender.
I am going to continue working on my tumblers and my passacaglia, i’m sure other projects will come along that I want to start. I will be sure to post about them. Enjoy this time with your family and I hope you find some time to relax and stitch.

Merry Christmas and may your new year be filled with much love and many blessings.



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