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I imagine some of you are in your kitchen is getting ready for Thanksgiving. We celebrate Thanksgiving here on Sunday so I have the rest of the week.

I am having a Black Friday sale on patterns, choose any two patterns for $20. The sale will run through November 30.

Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt

The Shipshewana Happy Scrappy Quilt was inspired by a quilt that I saw in Shipshewana at a retreat that an antique dealer brought for show and tell. It was one of those really scrappy pieced quilts that really had no rhyme or reason. After spending a lot of time looking at older antique quilts, I decided it was time to design my own scrap quilt. I definitely had to have some kind of order, something that just seemed to flow to the next block. I love quilts with a lot of pieces, this quilt has over 2500 pieces using just some of the simple shapes as squares, rectangles and triangles. It is a wonderful way to use up some of your scraps. The quilt is easily put together. Shipshewana Happy Scrappy measures 105 by 121 inches 

Little Baltimore Blocks
30 little Baltimore blocks are included in this pattern, each block is 6 in.². They will go perfectly with any of the 6 inch blocks in any of my books or in a separate project. Your choice of colors for these blocks is endless. You can use typical Baltimore colors of red or green, Civil War fabrics or just really bright and bold fabrics in your blocks

New Testament Bible Quilt

36 8 inch appliqué blocks are provided that each tell a story from the New Testament. Fabric requirements, cutting instructions and a layout diagram are included. A CD is also enclosed that contains a picture of the quilt and a close-up picture of each block. The finished size of the quilt is 74 x 74″Old Testament Bible Quilt

36 8 inch appliqué blocks are provided that each tell a story from the Old Testament. Fabric requirements, cutting instructions and a layout diagram are included. A CD is also enclosed that contains a picture of the quilt and a close-up picture of each block. The finished size of the quilt is 74 x 74″Spring Fling Quilt

The quilt pattern contains 30 8 inch appliqué blocks that are whimsical designs featuring flowers, fruit, butterflies, bugs and much more. The finished quilt measures 78 x 67, easy-to-follow diagram, fabric requirements and cutting instructions enclosed. A CD is also enclosed that includes a photograph of the quilt and close-ups of each block.Postage for the patterns would be $6.75 priority mail postage in the states and $26 priority mail postage out of country. If you would like to place an order, just drop me an email at ryquilter1@msn.com and I will send you The amount due. 

Enjoy this cooler months and for those of you in the states, I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving. 

Happy Quilting,

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Here is the link for the smile box, The first 17 pictures are from Rebecca’s Haarer talk at an Amish  home, Rebecca is a antique dealer in Shipshewana and is very knowledgeable about the Amish and their quilts in Indiana.. Then it goes right into our awesome Show and tell that we had at the retreat. 
For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I  would like to take this time to wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you have some time to enjoy some turkey and have  some time to relax and do a little stitching.

 Wishing you all a wonderful week. 


Good morning,
Returned from the quilting retreat in Shipshewana, The quilt shops were full of new collections of fabric., kits and many patterns. It always amazes me what I can find in Shipshewana versus what I can find here.

I really tried to limit the amount of fabric I bought especially because I just cleaned out my sewing room and I feel I have  way too much fabric. I did buy some 1930s fabrics because I used almost all of them I had in my collection when I made my Tumbler quilt. 

When I first started quilting, 1930s reproduction fabrics was all that I used. I guess I must be in the mood to make another quilt with them. Most of the fabrics shown are by Kaye England. 

I also brought home these books, can’t wait to make some of the Quilts in the book, Treasury of Quilts.

Will be working on a smilebox of show and tell and will post it soon.. Happy quilting, Rosemary

Here are some photos of some of the fabric displays in the shops.

Thought I would send some more close-ups of the costumes and answer some of the questions.

The exhibit features 36 costumes worn during the first four seasons of Downton Abbey. Exhibit runs through January 8, 2017.

The History Museum

808 W. Washington St.

South Bend, IN 46601 

Phone: 574-235-9664

Email: info@historymuseumsb.org

$14 Adults

$12.50 Seniors (60+)

Elegant afternoon teas are offered on a variety of dates while Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times is on view at The History Museum.


Downton Abbey Exhibit

We had the chance of a lifetime to see the Downton Abbey exhibit in South Bend Indiana 


Just absolutely loved it, the costumes were just unbelievable. Thought i wold share some of the photos  with you.

Happy Quilting, 


Good morning, 

It seems like the fall season is moving so fast, it soon will be time for snow.. I don’t mind the winter months because there is plenty of time for working in my sewing room.

This year I decided it was time for some re-organization. My quilt room is 10 foot square, I have always worked out of the closet pulling fabrics, it has always been frustrating. Every time I work on a new project, it seems like I have to re-organize my closet.  My husband suggested I get a couple more storage units from IKEA. It took about five days, but so worth the time to be so organized. The first unit is full of just my reproduction fabrics. And yes it made me realize how many fabrics I really have.

The second unit is filled with novelty and other miscellaneous fabrics

 The last unit I moved into our computer room that has all my published books and other supplies.We found these Tupperware at IKEA also. The Tupperware are full of scraps, just love them, they are stackable and actually have wheels on them. .Feels great to be so organized and to be able to see my fabric, I can’t wait to get to that sewing machine. Hoping that you find some special time to stitch today. Happy quilting,


Fall is here

Dear friends,

I love when the weather gets cooler and the leaves start turning colors and begin to fall, it is one of my favorite times of the year. It gets busy with the holidays but there always seems to be more time to sit down and stitch. I am ready to design something new, something with many pieces. I’m going to use a bolt of cheddar along with a 21 pound bag of my scraps, and yes that is a lot of scraps. 

I just finished my Temacula block of the week, I did not add the final two borders because right now it is the perfect size for a baby quilt and our family is expecting a new grandchild in December.I also finished my sweet Surrender quilt, I changed the border and added a solid border, I just thought it framed the quilt. It is a small quilt for me, I think it measures around 70 x 75.  I keep trying to tell myself to think smaller as I have so many full size quilts already in my collection. 

I’m also currently working on a variety of embroidery projects. When I first started quilting, I love doing embroidery, used to go to red work club and everything. I stopped doing it because it really bothered my hands with the MS and all of a sudden this past year I was able to pick it up again. I think my daughter and I have five or six different projects going at one time.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather today, will be posting more pictures soon. Happy quilting,