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Dearest friends,
I have to keep reminding myself that it is February, the weather here in Michigan for January and February has just been unreal. We have had almost no snow. This week it was usually warm and so many children here running around in their shorts and short sleeve shirts.

I have been working on simple things, this is the year that I would like to finish up some kits and work on just some Simple projects. Just going to enjoy using up some fabrics. Here are a couple rather easy quilts that I finish this month that will be for one of my grandchildren.It is so unusual for me to work with different fabrics besides the Civil War fabrics, they have always been my favorite. I just love Civil War fabrics, thankful that I have a nice stash of them. 

Definitely out of the box fabrics for me, ( A far cry from working with Civil War fabrics ) I am making 5 star war quilts, one for each of my grandsons, they measure 70 x 84. Just finished the third one today, two left to make. Would like to use a fleece or minke on the back, does anyone know if those fabrics come in widths larger than 60? I am also working on four or five embroidery projects with my daughter, there is always something to work on. Plus there is always inspiration to start new things from so many. Just thought I would share with you my newest pattern, Treasured Sampler. The quilt finishes 100 in.². Many different techniques such as piecing, foundation piecing, appliqué and English paper piecing can be used in the making of this quilt. The blocks range from 3″ x 6″ to 6″ x 12″. All patterns are full-sized pattterns. There are about 2000 little squares that make up the lattice strips. A great quilt for using up your scraps. 

Pattern can be ordered on my website, 


If you have any questions, just email me anytime.

Wishing you all time today to work on a special project. 

Happy quilting, 


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